L’atelier des Delices products for men are natural and organic. They are highly concentrated in active plant extracts. We use raw materials from trusted sources and organically grown plant-based active ingredients.

Our formulas are free from synthetic or petroleum-derived ingredients. We do not use parabens, artificial dyes or fragrances.

What the modern man values most is time. Our products are developed to insure comfort and ease of application. It will surprise you with effectiveness, melting textures and aromas. They are quickly absorbed into the skin, giving it a fresh healthy look. The packaging is compact and perfect for travelling.

L’atelier des Delices products are suitable for all skin types and all lifestyles, including vegetarian. We use only trusted sources and support Fair Trade, whilst ensuring product quality and traceability.

L’atelier des Delices range for men will satisfy refined men and those looking for safe and effective skincare products.